The quest for beauty

design elevators

On the occasion of technical interventions on the elevator, the replacement of the immediately visible parts, the renovation of which changes the feeling of greater well-being and safety upon use, should be considered.


Ferrara Ascensori's solutions for the visible parts, such as cabins, push button panels, floors, lighting systems, doors, even with high-quality finishes, meet the Customer's requirements and give new life to the elevator.



Replace the whole cabin, with a wide choice of available finishes. The plastic-coated plate, simple, cheap, available in various colours and light wood- or walnut-like: basic chic! The rigour and elegance of stainless steel, smooth, scratch-resistant, mirror-like, coloured. The exclusivity of copper or wood inserts. And, as accessories, mirrors or handrails.


Push button panels

The column push button panels for new cabins are adapted to the finishes of the cabin walls and come with corresponding or contrasting solutions and materials. The available buttons range from polycarbonate to steel finishes, vandal-proof or even equipped with light touch systems. Displays, where applicable, are of the blue screen or multicolour type. Our solutions for existing cabins combine wall finishes with aluminum plates, golden aluminum, stainless steel and brass in a range of products satisfying all finish and shape requirements.



The main door modernisation intervention is the mechanisation of a former manual system by adopting automatic doors instead of hinged ones. Otherwise, in case the elevator already had automatic door opening, the proposed intervention concerns the renewal of the visible doors only, or in combination with the electromechanical suspensions moving them. Plastic-coated coloured plate or wooden or steel finish: refined classics. Painted doors exquisitely crafted and perfectly combined with the surrounding environment.



Who said that a cabin floor, repeatedly stepped on every day, can not be nice as well? Coloured vinyls in contrast with the cabin walls or coordinated, smooth or with granite-like finish: strength and beauty. Or refined solutions such as marble or parquet.


Lighting systems

Painted or stainless steel ceiling with ceiling light. Energy-saving lamps or spotlights. Multi-hole ceiling with LEDs: for a starry sky on your ceiling!


Cabin coatings

Ferrara Ascensori is proud to introduce a line of coatings intended to be applied on the cabin walls, be they smooth, curved or corrugated, by safeguarding the existing cabin structure without the need for complex replacements. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, neutral or with 2D or 3D patterns (example: carbon look).

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