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Our elevators projects available for immediate download.

This area is available to anyone, whether a designer, company or private user, wishing to know the dimensions, projects and technically relevant conditions for the installation of a Ferrara elevator.

We offer a wide range of ready projects divided by system type and total loading capacity in kilograms, to complete the design of your building or its renovation or just to become familiar with the product.

Goods lifts

The product line called goods lifts is designed for those who, because of the business conducted, want a robust and reliable vertical elevator.

goods lifts


Dumbwaiter: loading capacity 25/50 kg or 100 kg and 300 kg for goods alone. Electric traction with upper winch. Simple structures without the need for pit excavation. Guillotine floor doors or floor hinged doors (for higher loading capacities). Steel finishes (ideal, and compliant, for the catering sector), even with EI 60-90-120 minute fire-resistant division into compartments of cabin and doors.

Goods lifts: loading capacities from 300 kg to 7500 kg, e.g. 3000-4000 kg for car lifting platforms, for goods and people transportation. Hydraulic traction, even with double piston. Reinforced cabins and doors to bear high loads and shocks. Automatic doors. Customisable finishes. The artisan quality of aFerrara elevator, with something more

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