Ferrara lifts are suitable for any kind of installation in existing buildings without one, are suitable for replacing and/or upgrading lifts installed in existing buildings, and are suitable to solve all installation problems in buildings with reduced clearances at the head and at the foot of the lift well. A first-rate lift with exquisitely handcrafted features. Ferrara lifts, in fact, are well-known for not being a standardised product manufactured in thousands of copies, but rather for being a product designed to meet the specific technical and aesthetic requirements of our esteemed customers.

The company manufactures both traditional lifts with an upper winch (photo) and hydraulic ones where the cabin is moved by pistons (photo), in accordance with current sector regulations.

Lifts designed to carry people comply with the regulations on the elimination of architectural barriers.

Owing to our sensitivity toward people with disabilities, we also manufacture stair lifts and lifting platforms.

Cabins and Materials

The interiors of the cabins are particularly well-finished aesthetically and functionally, in line with the vandal resistant decree (UNI EN 81-71) with normal use of brushed stainless steel and plastic coated steel sheet. (PHOTO 3) (PHOTO 4)

On demand, the cabin walls can be clad with fine materials such as: coloured stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, wood trim, plate glass and prepainted steel sheets. Marble and ceramics and special mosaic tiles, copper or brass finishes, complete the wide range of materials available for the construction of the cabin and landing doors (photo 5). The cabins can be created with traditional shapes, circular, semicircular or panoramic.

The pride of our production is the construction of fine structures in painted steel sheet clad with clear safety glass for installing lifts in existing stairwells or outside, without the need for structural changes to the building. (Photo 6) (Photo 7)

Collaboration in partnership with some Sicilian Master cabinetmakers allows to restore old cabins, adapting and modifying them to comply with the latest European quality standards.

The creation of these cabins is the result of engineering and design by the Ferrara workshops, adopting all the technical measures aimed at energy-saving and the most functional upgrading.

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