Products and solutions for very building

The company also markets and installs escalators and moving walkways of transnational production. The systems sold have a high level of technology. Control panels are of the microprocessor type, which allows for remote self-diagnosis. Universal and on request operation.

lifts manufacturing

Residential buildings


Ascensori Ferrara helps passengers reach their floors quickly, in a comfortable and safe way. The elevator's silent movement, which is particularly important during the night, was especially designed for tenants. As per the architects, the lifts are easy to insert into projects and contribute to optimise the building of the available space. They also help building owners reduce total costs by providing excellent maintenance and reduced energy consumption.

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Buildings and offices


Ferrara Ascensori offers elevators and escalators for all types of office buildings - from the lowest to the highest. Office buildings are generally open spaces, so it is vital that the flow of people is effectively controlled. FERRARA ensures an optimal flow of people in office buildings by carrying out in-depth analyses and simulations


elevators for hotels

Ferrara Ascensori, with its wide range of interior design and customised performances, is the ideal solution for any kind of hotel. With their large cabins, the lifts allow guests and their luggage, or staff and equipment, to move easily and efficiently through the hotel. They create a uniform aesthetic experience for guests as they move from the reception to their rooms.

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