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Ferrarascensori & installs lifts, both in new and in existing buildings, by directly carrying out all the activities concerning the supply of the system, from the initial feasibility study to marketing and after-sales support. The company is able to solve all technical, architectural and regulatory issues regarding the installation of the systems. Specialised in the production of indoor and outdoor lifts for any kind of building, Ferrara replaces and upgrades existing lift systems, installs escalators and freight elevators, and provides assistance and repair services. It offers assistance for any technical, architectural and legal problem, each time recommending the best solutions.

In compliance with European and national legislation, with a craftsman type industrial production, Ferrarascensori promotes Italian style in the world. It is one of the few Italian lift manufacturers capable of offering a comprehensive product both from a technical point of view with the choice of the best components, and from that of aesthetics and cabin design, with a perfect combination of meticulous attention to detail and finishes and architectural ability to decorate and customise your lift using elements and refined high quality materials chosen from the best products made in Italy.


Lift Maintenance

lift maintenance

Routine maintenance, mandatory by law, is aimed at keeping lift equipment efficient. The repair or replacement of components is limited, except for law amendments or sudden failure, to the equipment parts subject to wear, thus reducing future extraordinary interventions and the related costs. The planned and systematic maintenance system is based on the statistical analysis of time and causes of the shutdown of the system, on the scrupulous and continuous monitoring of the operation of the lifts in general, and complies with obligations and conditions contained in any tender specifications.

Lift solutions, escalators

lift solutions

A first-rate lift with exquisitely handcrafted features. The Ferrara elevator is in fact well-known for not being a standardised product produced in thousands of copies, but rather for being a product designed to adapt to the specific technical and aesthetic requirements of our esteemed customers.



Ferrarascensori upgrading kits enable to lengthen the life cycle of a lift thanks to intervention procedures that avoid the need for its replacement. A practical and economical solution to restore vintage lifts, increase the efficiency of the structural parts, or change the aesthetic parts.

Energy saving


Ferrara Ascensori is deeply involved in issues relating to energy saving and adopts all technical solutions aimed at obtaining it, both in the construction of new systems and during existing systems modernisation works.



IMQ certifications

quality systems

Ascent or Descent Video

Ten rules for a safe use of the lift. Get on consciously / Make accidents drop.

Here below is a short guide on how to properly use the lift, a campaign on new-generation systems, their safety and the user's care in using them correctly.

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