Lifting platforms

It can be installed in any home
without the need for special electrical systems.

Lifting platform are lifting systems for people, present on the market since almost thirty years. About fifteen years ago, with the introduction of European regulations, they have become a standard in restructuring and adaptations because they ensure excellent aesthetic and functional results with much lower purchase and management costs than a traditional elevator.
All this by keeping a very high safety level, since minilifts are designed according to strict EC regulations.


The main advantages compared to a traditional elevator are:

  • There is no need for a deep pit (only 10 cm!) or wide upper spaces, a little more than 2 meters is just enough.
  • Much smaller dimensions but adequate loading capacities (up to 450 kg)
  • Low purchase and management costs
  • It is now possible to add automatic controls, thus avoiding the need to keep the button pushed, which was not allowed until 2010 for law reasons.
  • It is also possible to obtain contributions for the elimination of architectural barriers (Law 13/89) and to get tax deductions for building renovation.
  • Limited building procedures
  • 230V power supply from the house's mains, it is not necessary to sign a dedicated contract.
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