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Design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and after-sales support of elevators and escalators. Ferrara Ascensori replaces and makes elevators more modern in any kind of building by carrying out all the activities related to the system supply. The organisation will solve every technical, architectural and legal issue, for the best elevator choice. The company produces electric elevators with upper winch and hydraulic lifts characterised by cabin movement.

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Ferrarascensori & energia is a new Sicilian reality built on the solid foundations of a fifty-year tradition.

In 2013, a group of young professionals, inherited the great cultural, human and professional heritage of the family pioneer, Franco Ferrara, founder of a real breeding ground for lift manufacturing talent in Sicily.

It employs about 25 people, including graduates and qualified technicians and operates within a structure of about 2,500 square metres, divided into offices, workshops, specialised laboratories and warehouses.

The company is specialised in the adaptation of new lifts in buildings lacking systems for the transport of persons since their construction. The lifts are installed inside or outside the stairwell with the use of certified, sealed metal gantries that are weather resistant and with a pleasant aesthetic finish.

Spearhead of the business activities is the replacement of old generation lifts with other systems equipped with the most modern safety features and the latest comfort in terms of cabin ride.

The turnkey formula allows to optimise time and cost of the intervention which is carried out entirely by our own technicians and workers without the assistance of third parties for carrying out construction, electrical and steel works.

From the tried-and-tested hydraulic drive, to the conventional electric or the latest generation MRL lifts, 380v and 220v versions, each type of lift falls within the company's production capacity. The electronics are Italian of the latest generation, and the cabin interiors are particularly well-finished from an aesthetic and functional point of view. (view products)

Ferrarascensori & energia proposes today a new line of lifts with refined finishes, with machined and decorated steel, precious marble and wood, specially launched for Arab markets and presented during the Brand Italy Exhibition in November 2014, the Project Qatar in 2015 and 2016 and the Technology Days held in Doha also in 2016.

It has always been gratifying for the company to be able to contribute financially to the support and growth of many athletes in the world of basketball and local football. Ferrara has always given its small contribution to the growth of the young athletes of the Grottacalda basketball and Armerina football clubs.


The company is well represented throughout Italy and at international level. It caters to different, articulated customers, divided between the public sector (State and local authorities in general), entities of national economic importance and private customers (construction companies, condominiums and single users). Designers, architects, construction companies and private property owners, all our customers are followed step by step by the company's technical department and we can also assist them in choosing the most suitable system for the environmental conditions and the installation site. Also quite significant is the ability of Ferrarascensori to solve problems relating to the removal of architectural barriers.

Brief history

The founder

Franco Ferrara

Francesco Ferrara was born in Caltanissetta on 13 December 1940. He died after a brief illness on 13 June 2010 in Piazza Armerina. The son of a Caltanissetta post office manager and a housewife, he was the youngest of the family, the fourth child after two brothers and a sister. After being awarded a high school diploma by the technical-professional school of the time and doing an internship at Magneti Marelli, when he was only twenty years old, returning from military service with the Army telegraph group, after a brief stint with ESSO and the Pasquasia mine, he joined the biggest construction company in Caltanissetta where, after a few years, he became a foreman managing fifty workers. He left this position for a quiet job at the post office where he only managed to resist for less than three months. In 1965 he discovered a passion for lifts, at the time still a strange and enigmatic sector but booming thanks to the thriving construction business. He then founded a de facto company called LIFE, standing for Liotti-Ferrara, where Guido Liotti, a long-standing friend and partner, joined him to take care of the administration. In 1969, just before the economic boom of the seventies, he met his future wife, Anna Maria, during one of his frequent trips to Piazza Armerina, a favourite place for work. He married her and moved his business to the city of mosaics where Ferrara Ascensori was established in 1973, in a small office in via Filippo Guccio. Two children were born from the union with the young elementary school teacher, Ranieri Luca and Noelle. The company grew and expanded in the regional market; but with the rewards came the problems linked to a lack of production areas which prevented development and slowed down the growth of the business. They were difficult years, full of problems and discouragement, not to mention an eviction sentence that in 1987 threatened the company, almost on the brink of bankruptcy despite the 20 employees, all to the indifference of the politicians of the time. Perseverance and the desire to do business in Piazza Armerina, as well as the support of the family, pushed him to continue, albeit in three small makeshift rooms until 1990, when the company moved to the present location, on state highway 117 bis. It was in 1988 that Franco Ferrara, forced to abandon the premises he was working in and considering that there was a lack of proper production areas in town, as a person inclined by nature to respect the law above all, rejected the idea of establishing his factory by breaching building regulations and decided to lead a civil, social and political battle to ensure that Piazza Armerina could be assigned the industrial area it had longed for for twenty years.

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Elected president of the National Craftsmanship Confederation and then provincial vice president, he was elected to the City Council in 1993, where, acting independently, he started a fierce public battle to assert the rights of the city's productive categories, under the motto "artisan vote for Yourself, vote Ferrara ".

From that moment, and for fifteen years, the whole public and private life of Franco Ferrara was dedicated to the socio-economic and employment development of the city of Armerina Square. First with the approval of the mini artisan areas by the City Council of the time, then with the definitive identification of what would then become the current location of the new and first artisan area in the square in recent years, between 2007 and 2010.

In the meantime, dozens of promotional activities in favour of artisans, first those from the square, then from Enna and finally from Sicily and Italy, with Franco Ferrara taking up lots of roles and commitments such as regional vice president of CNA Sicily in Palermo, ECIPA Sicily (CNA's confederal training body) regional president, member of the National EBAS Council (Social Security for artisans) in Rome, president of Enna's Provincial Commission of Craftsmanship from 2000 to 2003. The aim was one: the establishment of that artisan area for the square's artisans, among the few in Sicily to be denied the sacred right to conduct their business in full compliance with the law and with the support of a fair and respectable place of business representation. An area of ​​growth for the entire community where to locate the artisan school of arts and crafts, the annual craftsmanship exhibition, the recovery of local craft traditions, the permanent exhibition center of local and regional products.

There have been no secrets in my business activity - Franco Ferrara, called "the engineer" by everyone, friends and competitors, always said - the difference lies in three things: the choice to always reinvest everything in the company, without boats, holidays and luxury mansions, the strong and loyal relationship with my collaborators, towards which I will always have a debt of gratitude, the ability to always innovate, in full respect of the opportunities granted by the law.

A fan of training, quality and security, Franco Ferrara funded and sponsored several training and professional workshops by working with public and private Institutions. Pride and joy of his business idea were the quality certifications obtained in 1999, among the first in Italy, with IMQ of Milan and the continuous staff training in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic School of Milan.

A few months before leaving us, he designed and launched an electric lift prototype, without control room, the only one completely built in Sicily, which saw the light a few days after his demise, installed at the new headquarters of the Town hall of Caltagirone.

Over the years his cultural, sport, social initiatives in favour of the city of mosaics have been countless.

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