Rationalise energy consumptions

Energy saving: technical advice

energy saving

Ferrara Ascensori is deeply involved in issues relating to energy saving and adopts all technical solutions aimed at obtaining it, both in the construction of new systems and during existing systems modernisation works.


Aware choices.Ferrara Ascensori will guide you through the selection of the best operation and speed system, in order to get the right balance between energy performances and use satisfaction.


More efficient electric motors.Electric elevators with a winch placed in the compartment, without reduction unit, reduce losses due to the reduction system of traditional winches. VVVF systems allow for the engine's power supply voltage and frequency variation.


Internal cabin lighting.The use of LED lamps for internal cabin lighting has a positive effect on consumptions in the medium and long term. These lamps, in fact, last up to 10 times longer than halogen lamps and reduce consumptions up to 80% more than traditional lamps.


Stand-by operation.When the elevator stops at one of the upper floors for more than a predetermined time, it descends towards the main floor.

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