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Ferrara Elevators was founded in 1965 by sole proprietor Francesco Ferrara.

Ferrara Elevators & Energy is now based in Piazza Armerina (EN). The company workforce comprises: 1 general manager, 4 sales managers, 2 administrative officers, 2 designers, 1 finance manager, 1 human resources and legal department manager, 1 quality manager, 1 technical manager, 1 maintenance manager, 1 production manager, 5 maintenance/call-out engineers, 4 qualified installation engineers, 3 production assistants and 2 purchasing and warehouse assistants.

We are holders of ISO 9001: 2000 certification, which authorises us to sell our elevators with the CE quality mark in all the member countries of the European Community, and in line with the innovative provisions of Presidential Decree no. 162 of 30 April 1999.

We have a company quality system covering internal organisational management for our specific area of ​​competence, in accordance with European directive 95/16 EC. This is a sort of DOC certificate that covers all areas of our corporate activity, from the design phase right down to the maintenance and repair service.

A quality system that is now fully operational, which ensures effective management of human resources within the company by efficient deployment of particular skills, a regular and systematic maintenance system based on statistical analysis of stoppage times and causes, and ongoing thorough inspection of elevator efficiency in general, and in our own case in particular, compliance with the obligations and conditions laid down in regulations for tendering issued by each contracting business.

These local arrangements are also supported by a national helpline service available to customers, and a phone number which is accessible 24/7 to call in case of emergencies or to notify elevator breakdowns, which are passed on to a technician in the local area during regular working hours; technicians are contacted using the company's network of mobile phones, which are supplied to all call-out staff.

The company has widespread regional and national coverage.

We hold EC quality certification for the planning, construction and testing of machine room-less hydraulic and electric traction lifts with load capacities of between 375kg and 1000kg.


Through our business contacts and investments we have developed planning, production, installation, modernisation and maintenance activities, as well as after sales service for goods lifts and similar products.

FERRARA-ASCENSORI currently employs about 30 staff members including graduates and qualified technicians, and has a 2500m2 facility comprising offices, workshops, specialist laboratories and warehouses.

external elevators

The company focuses on mixed customers divided between the public sector (State and local authorities in general), institutions of national economic importance and private customers (building companies, condominiums and individual users).

It is a trading partner of companies working in the same field in Malta, where it has already installed some elevators of different loading capacity and dimensions, from 2000 to present day.

FERRARA-ASCENSORI installs elevators, both in new and existing buildings, by directly carrying out all the activities concerning the supply of the system, from the original feasibility study to marketing and after-sales support.

The company is able to solve all technical, architectural and regulatory issues regarding the installation of the systems.

The company builds both traditional elevators with an upper winch and hydraulic ones where the cabin moves through pistons, in accordance with current field regulations. Loading capacities range from 12 kg (mail lifts) to 7.500 kg and more (goods lifts).

Elevators designed to carry people comply with the regulations on the elimination of architectural barriers.

The company, sensitive to the problems of handicapped people, manufactures stairs lifts and lifting platforms. It sells and installs escalators and moving pavements of transnational production.

The systems sold have a high level of technology. Control panels are of the microprocessors type, which allows for remote self-diagnosis. Universal and on-booking operation.

The interiors of the cabins are particularly well-finished from the aesthetic and functional point of view, with normal use of satin stainless steel and plastic-coated plate. On request, the walls of the cabin can be coated with refined materials such as: coloured stainless steel, mirrored stainless steel, copper and briar-root inserts, chrome-plated steel and brass. Cabins can be made in semicircular or panoramic circular shapes.

The pride of our production is the manufacturing of fine structures in painted steel sheet coated in transparent safety glass for the installation of elevators in existing stairwells or outside, without the need for structural changes to the building.

Customer Support

Double quality system

on internal organisation management and specific to the field of competence, in accordance with European directive 95/16 EC. A sort of DOC certificate including all corporate activities, from the design phase up to the simple maintenance and repair service.

Scheduled maintenance

elevators maintenance

on internal organisation management and specific to the field of competence, in accordance with European directive 95/16 EC. A sort of DOC certificate including all corporate activities, from the design phase up to the simple maintenance and repair service.

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