Solutions for buildings without a lift

external elevators

It is a choice that guarantees everyone the freedom to move around safely and comfortably without having to wait. Installing a lift in an existing building not only increases its value, it also makes it more accessible and safe. It's easier than you think. Thanks to the vast range of solutions, any building, be it old or modern, is now able to have a lift customised to blend harmoniously with the surroundings.

We work in close contact with Architects and Engineers to best design and plan every technical, safety and administrative detail, thus minimising discomfort for the residents. We can provide the turnkey solution most suitable for your building by coordinating the entire design, manufacturing and installation project of your new lift both inside and outside, ensuring the respect of deadlines and costs.

You will always know who to rely on even for matters related to bureaucratic formalities, so that everything is verified and approved by the competent authorities.

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