Why modernise

Every durable good, however long its life cycle may be, is subject to a more or less serious wear, which, in the end, makes it old or worn out.

For this reason, Ferrara Ascensori, always focused on the efficiency of its elevators, offers the best modernisation solutions for existing elevators, be they electrically powered or hydraulic.

Such interventions may be necessary because of unexpected failure or damages due to the age of some structural parts of the elevator, such as the control panel or power lines.

Otherwise, the modernisation of the elevator may occur due to newly introduced regulations, the so-called "amendments", often aimed at increasing safety.

Whatever the motivation, raising the bar of efficiency and reliability entails an increased market value of the building where the elevator is located, as well as a greater sense of well-being from the users, freed from the stress of repeated failures or prolonged downtime.

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